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Bar Ace is closing at the end of July

Had a chat with a few of the staff this afternoon. Apparently, Bar Ace closes end of this month (July) and moves to premises once occupied by the "Don Quixote" restaurant, at the corner of Kent St and Liverpool Street, at beginning of August!

Therefore, according to the duty manager today, they'd LOVE all the past regulars to come down and have a farewell drinks night at the end of July. Also, Anne (the Asian restaurant owner) is not moving with them, as the food will be a steak bar instead, so she'd like people to order the chicken wings from her one last time.

I guess we need to have one last farewell drink there - and at least we get the chance to say goodbye to Bar Ace (as opposed to the bastards who screwed up The Century).

Feel free to pass this on to all who have frequented Bar Ace for all their pre-gigs, after work, and post-clubbing trashiness... (not to mention we need to decide at date to do this).

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