Europium (angel_sahaquiel) wrote in bar_ace_pirates,

Selling stuff

I have many things to sell, and fear of using eBay,

What I have for sale:
-Gallery Serpentine Black Victorian bustle skirt with lace (size 12)
-New Rock knee high buckle and zip boots with silver heel (size 42) [ worn twice]
-Gothic lolita black velvet mindress (size 10)
-TWO Victorian overbust corsets: one red cotton with silver print; the other with black satin bodice and purple satin and lace front panels (both size 12) [both barely worn]

Make me an offer!!!

I will post pictures if anyone shows interest (please?), I really need to get rid of these things!
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The New Rocks... interested in seeing them and the size 42 = what in AU?
size 10 I belive.

i'm as drunk as you are old!
At least SOMEONE is