ozgenre (ozgenre) wrote in bar_ace_pirates,

Last Call! Bar Ace closes - July 31

Well, the day has been set, and the time has been set - now all that is needed is a massive attendance to one of our old watering-holes before it is swallowed up by redevelopers/gentrification.

Bar Ace closes on Thursday night, July 31, at 1am (OK OK - that's actually early Friday morning, I know) and the Management have asked for those who made it a home-away-from-home (at times I think we all did) to come on back for a few last drinks. Personally, I think it would be nice if we all turned up one last time and drank to the memory (or the lack of memory ;)). They're actually asking us to come in on the last night, they're apparently putting on extra staff - and not to mention that Anne (from the Chinese bistro) is bringing in extra food.

Let's give Bar Ace a real send off (the one that The Century never got to have). July 31, 6pm onwards.

(Crossposted to sydneygothic and my LJ)
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